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The Cascade Mountains delight the senses from the moment you lay eyes on them until you enter and find yourself enveloped in the freshness and wonder of the evergreen forest. At Christmas Forest, our handcrafted Christmas wreaths invoke the same stirring spirit, flooding your senses with the aroma of fresh noble fir and princess pine, and conjuring up images of warm Christmas memories on cold winter nights. Ideal for your own home, as a gift for that special someone, or as a corporate gift, all of our exquisite wreaths and holiday swags are handmade with only the freshest evergreens, juniper berries and incense cedar—all harvested in accordance with our commitment to protecting the rainforest ecosystem for future generations. Lovingly created, sealed and shipped the same day, your wreath is guaranteed to arrive as forest fresh as the Cascades themselves. This year, capture the very essence of the season with an amazing Christmas wreath from Christmas Forest.

Polka Dot Frenzy
Polka Dot Frenzy Wreath
$ 44 - View Details - add Polka Dot Frenzy Wreath to cart
Rustic Gold Christmas Wreath
Rustic Gold Wreath
$ 43 - View Details - add Rustic Gold Wreath to cart
Art Deco Wreath
Art Deco Wreath
$ 44 - View Details - add Art Deco Wreath to cart
Cascade Wreath
Cascade Wreath
$ 43 - View Details - add Cascade Wreath to cart
America the Beautiful Wreath
America the Beautiful Wreath
$ 43 - View Details - add America the Beautiful Wreath to cart
Rustic Christmas Wreath
Rustic Wreath
$ 40 - View Details - add Rustic Wreath to cart
Red & Green Merry Christmas Wreath
Merry Christmas Wreath
$ 40 - View Details - add Merry Christmas Wreath to cart
Cerulean Blue Christmas Wreaths
Cerulean Blue Wreath
$ 40 - View Details - add Cerulean Blue Wreath to cart
Jingle Bells Christmas Wreath
Jingle Bells Wreath
$ 53 - View Details - add Jingle Bells Wreath to cart
Blue Glacier Christmas Wreath
Blue Glacier Wreath
$ 51 - View Details - add Blue Glacier Wreath to cart
Deluxe Christmas Wreath
Deluxe Wreath
$ 46 - View Details - add Deluxe Wreath to cart
Winter Wonderland Christmas Wreath
Winter Wonderland Wreath
$ 50 - View Details - add Winter Wonderland Wreath to cart
Jazz-a-Tazz Christmas Wreaths
Jazz-a-Tazz Wreath
$ 46 - View Details - add Jazz-a-Tazz Wreath to cart
Christmas Classic Christmas Wreath
Christmas Classic Wreath
$ 44 - View Details - add Christmas Classic Wreath to cart
Pink Lady Christmas Wreath
Pink Lady Wreath
$ 46 - View Details - add Pink Lady Wreath to cart
Christmas Dazzler Christmas Wreath
Christmas Dazzler Wreath
$ 47 - View Details - add Christmas Dazzler Wreath to cart
Stars & Stripes Christmas Wreath
Stars & Stripes Wreath
$ 40 - View Details - add Stars & Stripes Wreath to cart
Rudolph's Favorite Christmas Wreath
Rudolph's Favorite Wreath
$ 47 - View Details - add Rudolph's Favorite Wreath to cart
Santa's Favorite Christmas Wreath
Santa's Favorite Wreath
$ 54 - View Details - add Santa's Favorite Wreath to cart
Regal Christmas Wreath
Regal Wreath
$ 51 - View Details - add Regal Wreath to cart
Victorian Green Christmas Wreaths
Victorian Green Wreath
$ 50 - View Details - add Victorian Green Wreath to cart
Crimson Delight Wreath
Crimson Delight Wreath
$ 47 - View Details - add Crimson Delight Wreath to cart
Highlander Christmas Wreath
Highlander Wreath
$ 40 - View Details - add Highlander Wreath to cart
North Pole Christmas Wreaths
North Pole Wreath
$ 44 - View Details - add North Pole Wreath to cart
Gala Glitz Wreath
Gala Glitz Wreath
$ 45 - View Details - add Gala Glitz Wreath to cart
Holiday Swag
Holiday Swag
$ 39 - View Details - add Holiday Swag to cart
Happy Hanukah Wreath
Happy Hanukah Wreath
$ 42 - View Details - add Happy Hanukah Wreath to cart
Northwoods Christmas Wreath
Northwoods Wreath
$ 45 - View Details - add Northwoods Wreath to cart
Christmas Gleam Christmas Wreath
Christmas Gleam Wreath
$ 40 - View Details - add Christmas Gleam Wreath to cart
Christmas Cross
Christmas Cross
$ 46 - View Details - add Christmas Cross to cart
Christmas Garland
Christmas Garland
$ 65 - View Details - add Christmas Garland to cart
Brass Wreath Hanger
Brass Wreath Hanger
$ 20 - View Details - add Brass Wreath Hanger to cart
Farmer's Basket
Farmer's Basket
$ 40 - View Details - add Farmer's Basket to cart
Economy Hanger
Economy Hanger
$ 3 - View Details - add Economy Hanger to cart

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