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20" Dazzler Christmas Wreath

Dazzle every guest during the holidays with one of these classy Christmas wreaths. The pristine evergreens are luscious with their 'just picked' freshness. Their fragrance may just blow you away, especially if you haven't been to the forest in awhile. At Christmas Forest, we see the forest every day, but we don't ever get tired or used to that great evergreen aroma.

The Dazzler Christmas wreaths have everything. In addition to the amazing greenery, the one-of-a-kind handcrafted bows using two different bolts of ribbon at once are pretty amazing. There are so many sparkles and even the tinkle of jingle bells on these front door wreaths. The elves join clusters of red ornaments and shiny green and gold bells for additional bursts of color. The bells actually jingle when moved, so you will hear them when you open and shut your door. What a holiday welcome that is for your guests! What's more, this wreath has gold painted cones in three places for splendid accents.

The fresh evergreens, the glamorous combination of red and gold sparkling ribbon, and the shimmering red ornaments make these Christmas wreaths that will fill any home with all of the dazzle, pizzazz and sheer delights of Christmastime!

Order them for everyone on your gift list. When you buy 10 or more, you get a 10% quantity discount. Be sure to tell us if you want us to enclose a free greeting card too. Order a classic wreath hanger to enhance your Christmas gift. It's only $5 and is finished in a flat bronze color. It's strong too.

"I just wanted to take the time to let you know how pleased we have always been with your Christmas wreaths. Ordering is a breeze and delivery is extremely efficient. In particular, I have a very special client to whom I send a fresh wreath every year. This year, I visited their office in November and they still had their wreath from the previous year hanging.! It had a dried flower arrangement look to it, but was still attractive and believe it or not it still had a vague 'pine scent.' Just thought I would pass it along.Good job and thank you!"
(P. Davidson/Ormond Beach, FL)

  • 20" in diameter
  • Red and gold shiny bow
  • Fresh Christmas wreaths
  • Free Shipping to Continental US via UPS Ground

    $ 74.00