Wreaths for Christmas | Fresh Merry Christmas Wreath | Red and Green Bow
20" Merry Christmas Wreaths

These charming Christmas Wreaths make lovely holiday decorations for any front door. One of these wreaths may help make your holidays more merry.

The bow is one of the features that give this gift its charm. The Christmas Forest elves cleverly use their artistic skills to handcraft the bow using two different ribbons at once. They interweave the red and green velvet ribbons to make the whimsical bow. The end product is a delightful bow made from both red and green velvet. It's adorable. The Christmas bow is also weather resistant and is a great fit with the wreaths.

The bow tops off the forest fresh noble fir and princess pine evergreens. The artisans start with metal frames and use several steps to form the evergreens in to fresh Christmas wreaths. Next they securely hand tie the pine cones on to the evergreens. There is a lot of fun that goes in to this Christmas decoration and it is a favorite of the Christmas Forest elves. Buy one of these fresh wreaths for the merriest Christmas ever. Share the merriment with your friends and relatives too.

Order an economy hanger to enhance your Christmas gift. It's only $3 and is sturdy enough to last for years.

"We have sent your fresh wreaths to our friends and relatives for years. They await them and expect them as confidently as they expect Christmas. One recipient puts his wreath in a public work place and dozens of his fellow-workers benefit from one modest purchase. We love sending Christmas Forest wreaths. Thank you so much!"
(Hazel B./Austin, Texas)

  • 20" in diameter
  • Fresh Christmas wreaths
  • Free Shipping to Continental US via UPS Ground

    $ 58.00