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25" Holiday Swag

The Christmas swags are everything you want for your front door decorations this year. They're Christmas wreaths but they aren't round. The Holiday Swags are a step away from the traditional circular designs.The designs incorporate all of the freshest evergreens of the Washington and Oregon woodlands.

If you are ready for the natural look of evergreens gathered from the forest, you'll love this unique Christmas gift idea. It brings the best of the Cascades to your front door. A departure from the classic Christmas wreath design, we create every Holiday Swag from the native evergreens of the Pacific Northwest.

The Christmas Forest elves help Santa gather fresh noble fir, princess pine and western cedar from high in the mountain. Sometimes the greens are even harvested in the snow. Always, practicing sustainable forest principles, we never cut the trees down. We trim the ends of the boughs and this promotes growth for the following year. The most creative of our artists, such as master craftsman Sheri, tie the fresh greens all off at the top. Then they add pretty pine cones for the finishing touch to make this matchless Christmas decoration. Finally, they add a red velvety bow with long loops which comes packed separately to preserve its freshness.

One of these pretty designs will complete your Christmas door. These awesome evergreens will transport you to the magical forests of the Cascade Mountains the moment you open the box and breathe in the fresh scent of the evergreens. Send one of these great Christmas gifts to everyone on your list.

"My gift recipient called to say, 'what a beautiful swag, and perfect in every way, very symmetrical.' The tag on the Holiday Swag said Handcrafted by Sheri, so please let her know how much her work is appreciated."
(V. Michaels/Springdale, Utah)

  • 25" long & 20" across
  • Handcrafted from Fresh Evergreens
  • Nostalgic smell of the forest
  • Free Shipping to Continental US via UPS Ground

    $ 62.00